what we offer

Whether you’re looking to breath life into an old project, explore customization, or add a personalized touch to a wide variety of products, we have you covered. With custom Cerakote solutions, gunsmithing across a wide variety of firearm platforms, and laser engraving capabilities for most metals and polymers, troubleshooting and options are limitless.


superb quality and proven durability


over 20 years of gunsmithing expertise

laser engraving

endless customization and extreme detail 


applies to metals and polymers

custom solutions

competitive rates

Cerakote is a thin-filmed ceramic coating proven extremely durable in the worst conditions. Unlike paint, Cerakote will not flake at the site of a scratch or ding. The coating is extremely hard, and undergoes a heat curing process to ensure a perfect bond to your latest project.

In addition to firearms, we have applied Cerakote to automotive components, cups, knives, fishing equipment, and more. If you have something in mind, contact us to see what’s possible! We take pride knowing that our rates are some of the best in the industry.


custom fabrication

assembly and installation

pin and weld


all firearm platforms

optic cuts / slide work

With over 20 years of experience, we can troubleshoot and solve almost any issue you happen to encounter. Gunsmithing services are offered an all firearms except for unserialized homemade firearms and products offered by P80. If you have any questions about gunsmithing services we can provide, please contact us.

In addition to traditional gunsmithing, we offer most firearm services, including pin and welds, boresighting, installation of any accessories, and custom fabrication for some parts. If you’re looking for a custom solution, please reach out with what you have in mind.

 laser engraving

deep engraving

color fill / cross compatible with cerakote


scroll work

most metals and polymers

Firearms, blades, trophies, magazines, and more, most polymers and metals are capable of being engraved. At the moment, we do not offer engraving solutions for glass or wood. 

In addition to your favorite images and desired text, our laser capabilities allow us to offer deep engraving on some products, and even works with Cerakote to allow color filling and options beyond black and white.