Training Courses

Practical carbine I & II

rifle training

Practical Carbine I is a one day course designed to educate students about the equipment, skills, and standards associated with effective use of a long gun. Practical Carbine I is a prerequisite to Practical Carbine II, which adds complexities to training such as shooting on the move and from a barricade.

Direct Action Response Training (D.A.R.T)

medical training

D.A.R.T I & II are conducted by Dark Angel Medical’s Kerry Davis. Hosted twice a year, this course covers the how-to and applications of all parts of your personal trauma kit or I.F.A.K. Dark Angel Medical has made D.A.R.T I a prerequisite to D.A.R.T II, which employs the methods learned in D.A.R.T I to real-world scenarios.

Group and Law enforcement requests

private training inquiries